7 Years Old and Up Dance Classes : Ballet – Tap – Classical Ballet & Pointe – Cecchetti – Jazz – Hip Hop – Modern – Musical Theater – Acro

Ballet / Tap Combo

Designed to provide dancers 5-8 with a variety and enjoyment in learning elementary basics in both ballet and tap. Students study basics steps, rhythm, clarity of sound and choreography. Ballet students learn basic alignment, use of rotation, positions of the arms and feet, French terminology, and combinations used in classical Ballet. This class is the perfect opportunity for young dancers to build a foundation for a future in dance.

Classical Ballet and Pointe

Dancers must be recommended by instructor for any of the following levels

  • PBT Level 3-6
  • PBT C-2
  • Ballet B Classes
  • Ballet C Classes
  • Ballet D Classes
  • Ballet 1
  • Ballet 2
  • Ballet 3
  • Ballet 4
  • Ballet 5/6
  • Pre-Point
  • Point 1
  • Point 2/3

Cecchetti Ballet

Ballet 1 and up (must be approved for these levels)(Must be in class 2x a week)

A Method of Ballet based on a graded level system founded by an Italian dancer and teacher Enrico Cecchetti, considered one of the forefathers of ballet. The Cecchetti method offers a completely balanced and analyzed system of theory and execution for the planned development of the student from the first lesson to solo status. This technique is designed to develop coordination of the whole body, clarity of line, strength and elasticity. A Time to Dance offers a progression of Cecchetti training taught by instructors qualified in the Cecchetti method.


Is an energized class combining a variety of jazz style including Lyrical, classical/broadway, and novelty all done in a style that’s wholesome. This class focuses on flexibility and conditioning along with Jazz technique.

  • Beg Jazz
  • Jazz 1
  • Jazz 2
  • Jazz 3
  • Jazz 4
  • Jazz 5
  • Jazz / Hip Hop 5/6
  • Jazz 6/7
  • Jazz Jumps & Turns

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a Fun and highly energized class using CLEAN, family friendly music. This class not only teaches you Hip Hop movements and technique, but also instills rhythm and precision in your muscle memory

  • Beg Hip Hop
  • Boys Hip Hop
  • Hip Hop 1
  • Hip Hop 2/3
  • Hip Hop 4/5
  • Hip Hop 6
  • Jazz / Hip Hop 5/6
  • Krump
  • Krump (Ages 13 and up)
  • Intermediate Hip Hop
  • Intermediate Boys Hip Hop

Modern / Contemporary

A dance form emphasizing the flow of movement. This class is a designed to pull out creativity of the students and to dance with feeling and emotions. Modern is a technique that can be an effective compliment to ballet training.

  • Beg Modern
  • Modern 1 
  • Modern 2 
  • Modern 3 
  • Modern 4
  • Modern 5
  • Modern 6/7


Focusing on multiple levels of tap technique, classes offer students an enjoyable experience developing rhythm, clarity of sound, combinations and choreography-all building towards greater degrees of complexity.

  • Tap 1
  • Tap 2/3
  • Tap 4/5
  • Tap 6

Musical Theater

This class will you help dancers bring their dancing and theater skills together though song, dance and acting!

  • Beginning Musical Theater
  • Musical Theater 1
  • Musical Theater 2
  • Musical Theater 3



Acrobatic Arts Certified teachers will help dancers grow in cardio, strength, flexibility, limbering and tumbling in every class. Dancers will learn the basics of acrobatics in these classes.

  • Acro 1
  • Acro 2
  • Acro 3
  • Acro 4
  • Dance For Acro



This class will you help young dancers prepare for participation in Company.

  • Pre-Company Class
  • Company 1
  • Company 2
  • Company 3


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All our teachers and employees undergo a thorough background check, are CPR certified, Youth Protection certified and are actively involved in ongoing dance certifications.

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