ATTDS reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher at any time. ATTDs reserves the right to reschedule or combine classes.

Withdrawal Policy

A one month notice from the first of the month is required to discontinue any charges. To withdraw, a parent must inform the studio

by email at info@atimetodance-studio.com.


Attendance is vital to student progress and group choreography. Students may make up missed classes until April 1st.

If a dancer misses any classes during the last 4-8 weeks, they will need to schedule a Private Lesson with their instructor.

Inclement Weather/Mandatory Studio Closure

In the event of inclement weather/mandatory studio closure, an email will be sent to the email address we have on file, as well as a social media post. Please note that we follow most school closings but are not limited to that. In this event, we will notify you when there are makeup classes available or we will continue with regularly scheduled class times/days via Zoom . Make up classes may be in the form of in studio or digital classes.

Costume Orders/Exchanges/Payments

Costume payments are due by November 1st. If you have 3 or more costumes, you may pay half by November 1st, and the remainder by February 1st. There are no costume refunds after December 1st. Costumes are not sent home unless your account is up to date. Once costumes go home, you will have 1 week to let us know if there is any issue we need to take rectify.


Near the end of each Season, we celebrate with a Spring Recital. Recital information and dates are released as soon as all dates and times are confirmed. There is a Mandatory Dress Rehearsal the weekend or week before the shows. We must know by December 1st if a student would like to Opt Out of the recital performance.

*Leaps and Turns and Pre-Pointe do not perform in recital.

Combo classes will only perform 1 dance in the recital and the style is left to the discretion of the teacher.


Classroom Rules

1. Listen and follow directions the first time 2. Always do your best

3. Be on time and prepared

4. Respect your teachers, respect yourself, respect your classmates and respect your studio

5. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all

Disciplinary Policy

If a dancer does not listen to teacher or adhere to rules:

Action 1 - verbal warning

Action 2 - dancer asked to sit and watch until they are ready to listen and do what they are asked.

Action 3 - if they still do not adhere, the student may be asked to leave the classroom and wait at the front desk. A phone call or conversation will be had with a parent/guardian after class to let them know there was an issue.

Classroom control is of the utmost importance. We have put our disciplinary policy into effect to ensure that your dancer's time in class is spent learning, dancing, and growing. We believe that by having consistency throughout the studio, the dancers are able to step into class prepared and ready to do their best! Please take time to speak to your dancer about how important it is to follow the classroom rules so that the entire class has a great experience. Hard work, great attitudes, and focus make for a great dance class and a great future!


A Time To Dance Studio was a part of our daughter’s life for 13 years. The instruction she received was instrumental not only for dance but also to help in other areas of her life. She learned technique, muscle memory, how her body works, determination, grit, dedication, grace, as well as made many friendships that she has taken with her into college/ adulthood.

The teachers are dedicated to their students not only as dancers but also as everyday human beings. I truly believe they were a big part of our daughter’s spiritual growth, bringing her closer to God.

When we look back to all the years ago and think would we make the same decision and enroll her in dance? The answer is YES! It was worth the investment! It has helped mold her into the person she is today."

Marti Leuschen

I first stepped foot in ATTD when I was 7. Miss Pam was my first teacher. I remember an atmosphere of love, encouragement & acceptance. At the studio, I was surrounded by woman who loved the Lord, loved me, & loved to teach me dance. I have so many positive memories associated with the 10 years I took dance lessons there (& lasting friendships)! The teachers always beautifully balanced teaching excellence & hard-work along with grace & understanding. I was taught that all bodies could worship God & that you didn’t have to look perfect or dance perfect to have a beautiful impact for God’s kingdom through dance.

When I became a mom of girls I knew I would bring my girls to the same place that taught me how to love Christ more, love & respect the body He gave me, & how to praise God through movement.

I’ve now been a “dance mom” for 8 years & watching my girls learn ballet here has been so wonderful. They have some of the same teachers I had! The ATTD team is always so delightful to work with & I’m so thankful my girls have amazing role-models to be surrounded with. I truly thank God for this studio

Megan Tye

ATTD is nothing short of from a fabulous place for your children to learn dance and learn about worship through dance. Our family has been with the ATTD for more than 15 years. They put the dancer before the dance but do not compromise the technique. I am comfortable that my child is in a safe space to learn and grow from well trained instructors.

Cheryl Wallace

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A Time to Dance Studio is a children's dance studio located in Hickory Creek with an award-winning team dedicated to providing the best dance instruction whilst also empowering tomorrow's leaders.

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