"The Dancer is more important than the Dance" We inspire and train each student that walks through our doors in a nurturing and positive environment. We firmly believe that each student is called to A Time To Dance for a purpose, every student has God-given worth! Whether they are here for a short season or for many years we want to give them our best! We strive to teach each student in excellence and in passion; dance training can benefit a child for a lifetime by building confidence, strength, grace, etiquette, resilience, grit and so much more!

A Time To Dance will challenge and encourage this generation to dance with purpose and passion!


In 1992 I walked into A Time to Dance studio ready to start my first dance lesson. I had my first a brand new pair of ballet shoes and I met my first dance teacher, Mrs. Pam. Little did I know that this dance studio would change my life forever.

One of the reasons I get so excited each time I see a new little dancer walk through our doors is because I was once that little girl, so excited to meet my teacher and put my dance outfit on. I know that the love and joy I felt growing up at A Time to Dance has helped shape who I am today. So when I see new dancers, I see precious children with the hope of a beautfiul future in front of them! What a blessing it is that we get to be part of their journey by doing what we love, teaching dance and inspiring students to be all they were created to be!

We are beyond blessed and honored to pour into the next generation through dance. My husband Clint and our 4 children feel grateful everyday that we get to use the amazing gift of dance to impact this generation in a positive and true way!

Elya Coleman


Pam McCurley

A mentor friend once told me “Pam, God has been preparing you all your life for this.” As most little girls who come through our doors I too, begged my parents for Ballet lessons. I wanted a pink tutu like the girls next door, whose grandmother owned a danced studio. One might say that’s coincidence…I believe it is providence. As God’s word says in Jeremiah 29:11 “I know the plans I have for you…” The Lord put a desire in my heart as a child to dance; it’s all I ever wanted to do. I was passionate and driven, setting goals and reaching for the stars! And what an exciting season it was, full of travel, performing experiences and opportunities of a lifetime!

But something was missing, and quite honestly it took a season of laying down my pompoms, trophies, crowns and performing. I found a new joy and fulfillment as a wife and mother, my sweetest audience and greatest honor. I knew I needed direction and I found that through God’s word. It was a new season of growth! As a young wife and mother I fell in love with God’s word and trusted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Ephesians 2:8-9 “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast” Soon the Lord started putting a passion in my heart again for dance. I prayed and asked Him to show me how to combine my love for dance, children and Gods word. It was then I realized I wanted to give it back. Dance had been gift from God my whole life, He had used so many people to pour into me, encouraging me to pursue my dreams.

A few years later A Time to Dance was birthed! The first teacher I hired was Teresa Cooper, who choreographed our first ‘praise’ dance and the rest is history! Now, years later I still love dance and pink tutus, but my greatest joy is the children. I am most comfortable in this season of life, on the dance floor… as a teacher. In front of an audience… presenting our dancers. Behind a microphone… with my Bible open sharing God’s Word! “… To everything there is a season… A Time to Dance “ Ecc 3:4


A Time To Dance Studio was a part of our daughter’s life for 13 years. The instruction she received was instrumental not only for dance but also to help in other areas of her life. She learned technique, muscle memory, how her body works, determination, grit, dedication, grace, as well as made many friendships that she has taken with her into college/ adulthood.

The teachers are dedicated to their students not only as dancers but also as everyday human beings. I truly believe they were a big part of our daughter’s spiritual growth, bringing her closer to God.

When we look back to all the years ago and think would we make the same decision and enroll her in dance? The answer is YES! It was worth the investment! It has helped mold her into the person she is today."

Marti Leuschen

I first stepped foot in ATTD when I was 7. Miss Pam was my first teacher. I remember an atmosphere of love, encouragement & acceptance. At the studio, I was surrounded by woman who loved the Lord, loved me, & loved to teach me dance. I have so many positive memories associated with the 10 years I took dance lessons there (& lasting friendships)! The teachers always beautifully balanced teaching excellence & hard-work along with grace & understanding. I was taught that all bodies could worship God & that you didn’t have to look perfect or dance perfect to have a beautiful impact for God’s kingdom through dance.

When I became a mom of girls I knew I would bring my girls to the same place that taught me how to love Christ more, love & respect the body He gave me, & how to praise God through movement.

I’ve now been a “dance mom” for 8 years & watching my girls learn ballet here has been so wonderful. They have some of the same teachers I had! The ATTD team is always so delightful to work with & I’m so thankful my girls have amazing role-models to be surrounded with. I truly thank God for this studio

Megan Tye

ATTD is nothing short of from a fabulous place for your children to learn dance and learn about worship through dance. Our family has been with the ATTD for more than 15 years. They put the dancer before the dance but do not compromise the technique. I am comfortable that my child is in a safe space to learn and grow from well trained instructors.

Cheryl Wallace

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